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Quickbooks Church Designated Funds

Quickbooks Church Designated Funds by FlockBase provides churches of all sizes a simple and easy solution to track church membership and contribution records. Easy-to-use software tracks members, families, contributions, groups, pledges, attendance, birth dates, anniversaries and more. Prints annual contribution statements, mailing labels, text directories, and full-color pictorial directories for your church.

quickbooks church designated funds

Church Fund Accounting Software

  • Straight-forward data entry screens are simple, logical and easy-to-use
  • One low price for any size church’s database with no restriction for number of computers, users, or database content
  • Multiple computers usage through local networking is available and is encouraged
  • Multiple computer usage is possible via the Cloud by using DropBox, LogMeIn, and other free software readily available on the internet
  • Track membership and household information (name, address, phone, email, date of birth, anniversaries, and more)
  • Track contributions by member and by the fund
  • Print annual membership contribution letters for contributor tax purposes
  • Print periodic membership contribution notification letters
  • Track members’ pledges and compare pledged amounts to actual contributions
  • Ensure data entry accuracy by using the FlockBase Deposit function to balance contributions entered to the counter’s totals easily.
  • Create groups like (choir, youth, senior citizens, Sunday School classes, finance committee,)
  • Assign members and households(families) to groups
  • Track member attendance by group event (e.g., Sunday School attendance, board meetings, etc.)

Printing Options

  • Membership lists and reports
  • Financial reports by date range
  • Mailing labels and reports for selected members, households, or groups
  • Filterable datasheets for email addresses or as input for your mail merge program
  • User-defined data fields for both families and members
  • User customized Status codes, Member roles, and Payment types
  • Selectable telephone and postal code formatting for non-USA English speaking countries
  • The currency presented is based upon regional computer setting
  • Provides deposit information to be imported into FlockBase Accounting
  • Export deposits from FlockBase into QuickBooks compatible file
  • Personal support and continuing updates to the software
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that evaluating software is a complicated process, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. We want you to understand what you are buying, so we provide a large number of screenshots on this website to show your interaction with the software and a large number of examples of the many reports that are available along with complete User Guides on the website as well. If you thoroughly explore the website, you will have a very good basis to make your decision.