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Church Membership and Contributions Software

Church Membership and Contribution Tracking software by FlockBase provides a simple, easy, and affordable solution to track church membership and contributions for churches of all sizes, and all at one low price.   FlockBase church membership and contribution tracking software provides the ability to track and report membership and family information, contributions, funds, pledges, groups, and attendance.  Easily print end of year contribution letters, funds reports, membership and family text and photo directories, and mailing labels.  FlockBase was designed to serve churches that depend upon volunteers or small staffs to easily administer the recordkeeping. While FlockBase Membership and Contribution software was designed with the small church in mind, the functions available in FlockBase provide capabilities that large churches appreciate.  There is no extensive training required or seminars to attend.  The short, simple and easy to understand User Guide makes for immediate startup and usage. FlockBase Church Membership and Contribution Tracking is the alternative to complex and expensive church software.

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xx-2-Main-MenuChurch Accounting Software

One of the principal designers of this software is a CPA who has been providing accounting and tax advice to churches for more than twenty years.  Based upon his real world experiences, he determined that small churches needed a simple way to track their funds, income and expenses.  Although some popular for-profit accounting software packages meet the needs of small businesses, they do not meet the fund accounting needs of churches.  FlockBase Accounting was specifically designed to meet those needs.  There is no extensive training required or seminars to attend when using FlockBase Accounting.  The short, simple and easy to understand User Guide makes for immediate startup and usage.  FlockBase Accounting is an affordable and easy to use church accounting package that makes tracking your checkbook, income, expenses, payroll and designated funds a snap.

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