Reports – FlockBase Church Accounting Program

View a small sampling of financial and payroll reports provided by FlockBase Accounting.

Click report titles to view sample reports:
Balance Sheet Roll Forward Report This is the report that separates FlockBase Accounting from the competition.  It identifies the beginning balance, increases, decreases and ending balance of each asset, liability and fund.  This is where the power and ease of a true fund accounting system is on display.  You will not get this type of report in any for-profit accounting package. View Report
Actual Versus Budget 2 Column Report This is our 2nd most popular report.  It identifies your actual income and expenses for the current month as well as year-to-date.  It compares the year-to-date actual income and expenses to your budget.  This is just one example of profit and loss and budget comparison reports which can be sorted and filtered by fund, department, and class.  Budgets can be created for each month or for the year as a whole. View Report
Paycheck Notice on the employee’s stub of this paycheck that both the current period and year-to-date wages and taxes are presented.  In addition to the ability to print paychecks, you can print vendor checks.  All checks can be printed on blank check stock which can be ordered from any check printing company since the format of the checks is compatible with the most popular for-profit accounting package. View Report
Form W-2 Print year-end W-2s and Form 1099s for your employees and vendors on blank forms that readily available though any office supply store. View Report