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Church Membership Program is easy to learn and use.

The following is an overview of  the steps to get started.

Step 1: Enter information about your church, your bank(s), your bank account(s), preferences/defaults, and your church funds.  If you are also using FlockBase Accounting software or you are not using QuickBooks for your church accounting skip to step 2.  If you choose to export your deposits to QuickBooks, this is the step where you enter the QB revenue account name for each fund. Church membership program.

Step 2: Set up household (family) information.  For example, lets say that Tom and Jean Smith have 3 dependent children.   On the household screen, you would enter Tom & Jean Smith Family information which is the household identifying name, the address, telephone number(s), status of this family, and other information.  The address and the home phone number is shared by each of the individual members.

Step 3: Enter members for the household.  Following the example above, you would setup Tom, Jean, and optionally each child as a member.  For each member of the family, you can enter their personal phone(s), email, birth date, status and more information.  You can also enter their envelope number if they have been assigned an offering envelope number.  Member records are required for recording contributions.

Step 4: Optional – setup Groups and assign members and households to groups.  This is a handy feature that will allow you to print family and member reports, directories, mailing labels, etc. for a selected group (i.e. a Sunday School class, the choir, a committee, etc.).  The same Households and/or members can be assigned to multiple groups.  The member groups are also used for tracking attendance.

Your setup is complete!

After setup of Church Membership Program is complete, you are ready to enter contributions.

To enter contributions, enter the date (or best practice enter a default date to be used for the batch of contributions that you are entering)

  1.  select the member (from the member drop down list or envelope number),
  2. select the type of payment for the contribution  (from the drop down list: check, cash, credit card, direct deposit, etc.),
  3. enter the check number, if applicable.
  4.  assign the contribution to the appropriate fund (from the drop down list).  If the contribution needs to be split between more than one fund, FlockBase makes it a snap.  Just enter the amount that needs to be applied to each fund.
  5. When the contribution entry is complete, click new contribution and repeat steps a – e for each successive contribution.

When you have completed entering all contributions for the batch, utilize the FlockBase Deposit function to verify that the data that you entered agrees with the total provided by your counters.  This function makes it easy to correct any data entry errors, provides a facsimile deposit slip and provides Funds reports which your accountant / bookkeeper needs.  The deposits are maintained chronologically and you can view/edit any deposit at any time.  It also provides information to the FlockBase Accounting program, or if you are using QuickBooks, it allows you to export the deposit data to QuickBooks.

In addition to annual contribution letters/receipts, FlockBase provides a wide variety of useful reports.  All reports are presented in preview, so that you can review the report before actually printing it.

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Church Contributions Software by FlockBase provides simple, easy to use and affordable membership & contribution tracking software.

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