FlockBase Install Bundle 4063



Relates specifically to Access 2007. If you know that your computer already has Microsoft Access 2007 installed, you can skip this step. No other version of Access applies. If you already have one of the FlockBase programs installed (either Membership or Accounting) you can skip this step.

To determine whether or not you have Microsoft Access 2007, you can do either A or B below:

  1. Click on your “Start button. Click “All Programs”. Scroll down to “Microsoft Office” (If you do not find “Microsoft Office in your programs list, then you will need to skip to B). Single click on Microsoft Office and then look for “Microsoft Office Access 2007” in the list that is presented under “Microsoft Office”. This list will contain programs such as Word, Excel, etc. If Microsoft Office Access 2007 is listed, skip to Step 2. If it is not listed, then you do not have Access 2007 installed and you will need to download Microsoft Access Runtime.
  2. Click on your “Start button and enter “Access 2007” in the search line. If you do have Access 2007 installed, the words “Microsoft Office Access 2007” will appear under Programs in the box that opens, skip to Step 2. If this does not appear, then you do not have Access 2007 installed and you will need to download Microsoft Access Runtime.

Click here to download and install Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime

STEP 2: Download and Install your FlockBase Software

Program Membership & Contribution Software Accounting Software
Initial Password 6GPbg7bZ 6GPbg7bZ
User Guide * Membership & Contribution User Guide Accounting User Guide
Download Link Download Membership & Contribution Software Download Accounting Software **

* We recommend you print and read the User Guides as the guides contain essential setup and usage instructions.

** Depending upon the version of Windows that you are using, you may receive one of the following messages regarding the safety of the installation program. Rest assured that our installation programs are safe. Sometimes it takes a while after we release a new version for Microsoft to realize that the programs are safe.

  1. “Windows has protected your PC: Windows Defender Smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might harm your PC.” To resolve the message, click the More Info button and click Run Anyway.
  2. “fbainstall60.exe is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous.” To resolve this message, click the down arrow, and then click “Keep.”