Church Software Testimonials

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“I am a new volunteer treasurer of a small church that had been using an all-manual bookkeeping system. I shopped for weeks for an affordable program that would suit our purposes. I have thoroughly enjoyed the FlockBase program and it was so easy to learn. Also, I want you to know that I really appreciate the support that you have provided me. It is great to not have to go through a computer on the phone or rely on email to get assistance. Thanks for a great product.”

Kathy P., Outing, MN

“As the volunteer treasurer of a group starting a new church fellowship, I was extremely pleased to discover FlockBase. It provided me with all the tools I needed in recording and tracking new attendees and their contributions as well as producing contribution reports. The service I received when I had questions or needed help was excellent. I could not have asked for a better system or more excellent service. The response was always quick, professional and extremely courteous and personable. Thank you, FlockBase; you were an answer to prayer!”

Miriam W., Anderson, S.C.

“I wanted you to know that I received the software last Monday afternoon and by that evening I had it set up and running. I had twelve new names and addresses to add to the data base. I then ran the label program and created a PDF file and emailed to our editors for testing, everything went perfect. Yesterday I completed entering all the individual contributions for the year and reconciled the overall dollars to QB. I had made some date errors so I experienced editing and making corrections which was a piece of cake. Everything works as presented and even better. Thank you for providing a simple IT solution for us little guys at a very modest price.”

Jim Raymer, Free in Christ Ministries Treasurer

I just want to take a moment to thank you so much for your FlockBase software and to thank you for your attention to detail while developing the software. Our church experience using FlockBase proves to be effortless and enjoyable year after year. The software itself is so intuitive that training new users is always a breeze. I appreciate how dependable and adaptable FlockBase is for our needs. We very much appreciate the printable user guide, which is comprehensive but not burdensome, well written and easy to understand.

We as a church also appreciate the very affordable price of FlockBase. It made the purchase so reasonable for us. After over a month of researching all of the software options available to a church our size of 150, Flockbase stood out above all other options.

Technical support is a very valuable and reasonable investment for us as a church. I recently changed computers and was taken through step by step, with absolutely no stress on my part.  It is truly a pleasure to telephone technical support when needed because of the patient, knowledgeable and helpful nature the support team possesses.

Thank you,

Beth S., Christ Community Fellowship, Madison ME

Perfect; thank you!  It took me longer to print out your email than it did to follow the steps, make the changes, and be back in business.  This is world-class customer support.  Incidentally, I just finished my first church annual financial report, having used FlockBase Accounting throughout the year (after trying Simply Accounting and finding it incredibly unwieldy).  Piece of cake!!  And the reports produced, with its clear tracking of funds as well as accounts, presented the information more clearly and concisely than had been possible in years past.

Thank you! Mac

Its been a while since we installed and started using the flockbase collections software.  I just love the program.  Its is so easy to use and have not had a problem with collections matching the manual count sheets to the penny each week.  The process of entering contributions and deposits has been working very smoothly.  I just love this software to pieces, it is just what we needed so I just want to learn all I can.


Dave, Financial Secretary, EFC church Green Valley, AZ

I wanted to thank U guys for this great program, it is so easy to use and does exactly what I wanted, I just got back in town again from So Fla and have been meaning to thank U for all your help,

So Thank You & God Bless E.Zimmer

If you have any concerns about getting Flockbase for your church, I urge you to acquire it and utilize it.  It will make your financial life much simpler.

God Bless,

Jim Paterson, Treasurer, The Church at Sunsites

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have used FlockBase this year for my church’s year-end reports and contribution letters. I had used Membership Plus for five years, and it was always a chore to do reports. The program would lock up, and then when you would go back in , the reports would print out wrong. FlockBase is a dream to use! When entering data, the prompts that the program gives are extremely easy to follow, and the reports are a dream to print out. Thank God I found you!

Sandy B.  Financial Secretary, Idlewylde United Methodist Church