Our goal is to always provide prompt, friendly, and courteous attention to any question or issue.

Support hours are 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM U.S.A. CST/CDT  Monday-Friday.  Support outside of these hours is provided by prior arrangement.

The on-line version of FlockBase includes technical support at no extra charge.

For the desktop version of FlockBase you will be notified by email prior to your support period’s expiration, so that you will have the opportunity to continue your Technical Support and Software updates on an ongoing basis.

Desktop Technical Support Options
Extended Technical Support and Software Updates for Membership  and Contributions (12 months) $49.95
Extended Technical Support, Federal Tax Table and Software Updates for Accounting (12 months) $49.95
Per incident technical support call, if not under support agreement $30.00


The options listed on this page are for support only.  Click here for pricing and ordering the software.

Note: Technical support does not include accounting advice.  Professional accounting support is available.

Our goal is to help you get started on the right foot with your new accounting system.  We have found that most churches do a lot better if they had a small amount of professional assistance on the front-end instead of having to call for professional support to correct problems later on which could have been avoided with a small amount of expertise during the setup phase.

If you are new to fund accounting software, or if you are converting to FlockBase Accounting during the middle of the year, you may find it very worthwhile to obtain professional support to setup your chart of accounts, funds, budgets and payroll items.  Because one of the owners of Owen & Walker Software Solutions is the owner of a CPA firm, we can offer those support services to you.

Setup Support Specifically for the Accounting Program
Setup Support for Funds, Accounts and Departments $60.00
Setup Support for Payroll $60.00


Setup Support for Funds, Accounts and Departments

In order for us to provide this service, you will need to send us your existing financial statements and/or budget.  Using the information you provide, we will enter your chart of accounts, departments and budget into FlockBase Accounting and send you the data file.  You will install the data file on your computer.  You are ready to start entering transactions into your books that have been professionally setup.  This service costs $60.  Notice that this price does not include entering your beginning balances or setting up your initial bank account reconciliation.  We can perform those two steps for you as well, but we will charge our standard hourly rate of $60 for those services. The time required will be dependent upon how well organized and accurate are your existing financial statements.

Setup Support for Payroll

You will need to send us your budget, your existing year-to-date payroll summary reports by quarter, your year-to-date Forms 941, your year-to-date state payroll tax reports and your pay package details for each employee.  Using the information you provide, we will setup and enter your employees, payroll items and year-to-date wage information.  This service costs $60.  If we discover that you have made mistakes on your prior quarters’ Form 941 reports, we can help you correct those problems at our standard hourly rate of $60.

FlockBase Membership & Contribution software current version 4.0

FlockBase Accounting software current version 6.3

You will receive new version updates at no extra cost within the first sixty days following your software license purchase, and  thereafter; if you are on a support and update subscription.  New version updates will be available for download from this site.  You will be notified by e-mail when they are released.
Shipping –
Software orders are shipped the same or next business day via USPS Priority Mail.
Returns –
If you are not completely pleased with your purchase, we provide a 60-day purchase price money back guarantee.
System Requirements –
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Minimum Computer Hardware
90MB hard drive space
CD drive for installation (if you choose the CD version.  The download version does not require a CD.

Import Service for Households & Memberships using Template
Import Service for Households & Memberships using Template $75.00

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