Church Software FAQs

Questions and Answers:

  • Is there a limit to the number of members, records, contributions, etc?

Answer – No.

  • Can reports be printed in pdf format?

Answer – If you have a pdf print driver installed on your computer, you can print to the pdf driver from FlockBase just like you could from any other program.

  • Can I import my existing membership database into FlockBase?

Answer – If you can place your household and member data into specially  formatted spreadsheets provided by FlockBase and email the spreadsheets to  FlockBase, we will import the data into a FlockBase data file and email it to  you.  You will then replace the empty FlockBase data file with the new  populated file. There is a $75 fee for importing the data.   If we are unable to import the data as prepared by you, there will be no charge for the  effort.

  • Does FlockBase Membership integrate with QuickBooks?

Answer – QuickBooks is not an integral part of FlockBase.  FlockBase Membership can be a standalone system for church membership records, contribution tracking, printing contribution statements for contributors and bank deposit creation.  FlockBase Membership does have a feature which allows you to export each deposit into a QuickBooks compatible file.  You can then import the deposit from the file into QuickBooks.  Our User Guide provides simple step by step instructions for transferring the deposits from FlockBase Membership to QuickBooks. However, if you are using QuickBooks, you may want to consider purchasing our FlockBase Accounting program which is a true “fund accounting” package.  FlockBase Membership integrates with FlockBase Accounting (see below).

  • Can I export from FlockBase to Excel?

Answer – Generally no.  However, the FlockBase  Membership and Contribution software does provide data sheets that relate to Households and Membership which can be copy/pasted to Excel for purposes of Mail Merge, Email addressing, and other uses.  No financial information can be exported at this time with the exception of Deposit information which can be exported for QuickBooks in a comma separated file.

  • How does FlockBase Membership integrate with FlockBase Accounting?

Answer – FlockBase Membership allows you to store your membership and contributions.  FlockBase Accounting allows you to track your income, expenses, funds, checkbook balance, payroll, etc….  After entering contributions in FlockBase Membership, you can group those contributions into a deposit.  Then, with a couple clicks of the mouse,  you can import that deposit from FlockBase Membership into your check register in FlockBase Accounting.

  • Does FlockBase Accounting print checks and paychecks?

Answer – Yes.  FlockBase Accounting can print checks and paychecks, one at a time, or in a batch.  FlockBase Accounting uses QuickBooks compatible checks that have the check on top and two stubs on the bottom of each page.  These checks can be purchased from any check printing company that offers QuickBooks compatible checks.

  • Where is the installed user version located on my computer?

Answer – C:\FlockBase

  • What do I do when I have lost my password?

Answer – Contact Flockbase either by email at or call 1-877-88FLOCK

  • How do I backup my data?

Answer – FlockBase has a backup feature (button) which allows you to back up to a removable USB drive and a suggested procedure for keeping multiple backups to avoid a catastrophic  loss.  See the User Guide on our website provides more  details.

  • How do I restore my data?

Answer – Locate your  most current version of your data file on your backup device, copy the data  file, and paste it to the location on your computer where you have placed your  operational data file.  Generally, for Membership and Contributions this  would be in the FlockBase Folder on your C drive.  For Accounting it would  be in the FlockBaseAccountingDataFolder folder, in the FlockBaseAccounting  folder on your C: drive.  Network users who have moved the operating data  file to a server location, would paste it to that server  location.

  • Can I install on multiple computers?

Answer – Yes, you may install the software on multiple computers to track members and contributions for a single church/organization.  The license agreement requires that you purchase additional licenses for each church/organization that is being tracked.

  • How can I delete a group?

Answer – You cannot.  You can remove the members or households from the group and then you can just type over the group name and form a new group or perhaps change the title of the group to INACTIVE and wait until you need to use it for a new group.  At that time, you would type the new group name over INACTIVE and continue normally.

  • If  I (personally) purchase the software, and install it on my home computer, will we be able to re-install the system onto a church owned computer?

Answer – Yes.  You  would install FlockBase on the other computer(s) by downloading the software  using the link provided in your Receipt email, or from the FlockBase CDs.  After the installation is complete, you will need to copy your data from the  original computer to the new computer using a method similar to how you restore  data (described above); or in the case of networked computers, you would simply  direct the program to find your data file on your server .  There may be  instances where (at some later point) the circumstances of your installation  have changed due to updates, at that time a call to FlockBase would probably  save you some effort.  Note:  If you saved your download of the  installation package(s), you can copy the installation package(s) to a USB  removable drive and then perform the installation(s) on the additional computers using the USB drive without having to download to each computer.   Additional guidance to any of these processes can be provided by FlockBase  support.  The license agreement specifies that while we do not restrict the  number of computers on which the software can be installed, one license only  allows the software to be used for that church/non-profits database.

  • Will the system operate in a network of more than one computer?

Answer – Yes.

  • What is the normal shipping time for the CD version

Answer – Normal shipping time is same day or next business day by USPS priority mail.  You should expect to receive it with in two to three days after it is shipped.

  • I  want to order the software, but why  do I have to order the software download, if I can just order the CDs for $15?

Answer – The CDs alone do not provide you  with a license to use the software.  The CDs are an additional option when  purchasing the software license.  The software license is $99 and provides  the software by download, or with an additional $15 plus postage if you wish to  also have the CDs.

  • Can I order just the CDs to have a copy just in case I need to reinstall?

Answer – That depends upon which product(s) and  version of the software for which you are currently eligible.  If you are  current in your support/updates subscription for the product(s), the order will  be accepted.  If you are not current in your support/updates subscription,  we will determine whether or not your current product version is the same as the  CDs offered online.  If it is the order will be accepted, otherwise the  order will be cancelled and you will be notified. If you are in doubt as to the  status of your support/updates subscription or have any other question  pertaining to CDs, please contact FlockBase before placing an order for CDs  only.. 

  • Does FlockBase allow non-cash contributions?

Answer – No.  It is inappropriate for a church (or any non-profit) to put the value of a non-cash contribution on a receipt to a contributor.  It is NOT the church’s responsibility to vouch for the value of a non-cash contribution.

  • My job is to only record the contributions, why is it important that I perform the FlockBase Deposit process?

Answer – The FlockBase Deposit process is the  finalization of the contribution entry process.  When you have completed  entering the contributions, you need a way to ensure that you made no keying  errors, duplications, or omissions.  Placing the contributions into a  FlockBase deposit provides an immediate total that you would use to balance to  the counter’s count, which of course should also balance to the actual bank  deposit.  This is a very good tracking control for the church, but that is  not all the FlockBase Deposit function does.  It provides you with a screen  that lists the contributions in the exact order that you keyed them, making it  very easy for you to review for and correct errors.  Each contribution has  its own view/edit button that allows you to open the contribution directly, make  the required correction, and close the contribution back into the deposit.   The deposit immediately provides the corrected deposit total.  If the  correction that you made did not result in the correct balance, you continue to  review for keying errors.  After the deposit is in balance, you can preview and/or print a facsimile deposit slip for whatever purposes you deem  necessary.  Now you can preview and/or print the very important Funds Report.  This report groups the contributions  by Fund and provides a total for each fund as well as the overall total of your  deposit.  You immediately and automatically know how much money came into  each fund for that periods offering.  This can save a great deal of manual  effort that would otherwise be performed by the counters.  It would no  longer be necessary for the counters to separate and manually schedule the  offerings into separate fund totals.  You can provide that information with  no special effort.

  • Can this program be used for more than one church (company)?

Answer – Yes, but you must purchase an additional license for each church/organization.

  • I am an accounting firm.  Must I purchase a separate license for each church for which I use FlockBase?

Answer – Yes. Contact us to discuss your specific processing situation.

  • How do I handle offering plate contributions in the FlockBase Membership and Contributions program?

Answer – You handle the cash donations that cannot be attributed  to a specific contributor in a manner similar to any other household and  member.  The User Guide provides suggested naming conventions and special  identification for the offering plate’s household and member.  You can have multiple unidentified offering households and members as suits you particular  church’s needs.  Generally, one is adequate, but some churches want to  break the unidentified giving down further.  This can more easily be done  by setting up individual funds rather than multiple households and  members.  Either way, FlockBase will accommodate your needs.

  • How will I know that updates to FlockBase’s Church Membership Software and Contribution Tracking are available?

Answer – The FlockBase website will always present the latest version available on the Support page.  We will contact you by email when we are ready to release a new version.  Please keep us advised of changes to your email address.

  • How do I know which version I have?

Answer – The version number is presented on your main menu screen.  If the version number is not displayed on your main menu, contact us and we will provide you with the instructions to download the latest version.

Contact FlockBase support if you have more questions.  Contact Form

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